Hollywood at the Woods 2017

Annual talent showcase


Cy Woods HOLA performs the finale at Hollywood at the Woods.

From K Pop to Comedians, Hollywood at the Woods proved once again to be Cy Woods’ most diverse talent show. This energetic and fun show was open to all students who wanted to audition. MC’s Cody Eggleston, Amanda Ruiz and Hunter Schwartz kept the audience laughing, helping to create a lighthearted atmosphere the participants could thrive in. Performers included freshman through seniors, and showcased original songs, raps, comedians, dances, and instrumental pieces. No two performances were the same, yet all the artists seemed to share an extreme passion once they took the stage, seizing the opportunity and running with it.

“It’s really fun for people to come out, and express themselves and just do what they do best,” HOLA member Daniel Beltran said. “I see a lot of people doing what they love doing which is always cool.”

This show is run by Chemistry Teacher and HOLA sponser Irma Salinas. She has been in charge of Hollywood at the Woods for seven years now.

“[This show] gives a lot of kids the oppurtunity to perform that don’t normally get a chance to.” Salinas said. “I usually will include everybody that comes and wants to do the show. I really do this because I want to help showcase kids’ talents.”

The open auditions allow really unique acts to perform when normally there isn’t much opportunity. Shelly Finnigan has been playing violin since 6th grade, and now got the chance to dance while playing onstage.

“I heard Lindsey Stirling and [decided] I wanted to be like her one day,” Finnigan said. “I really love the instrument, and this is my way of showing 212 for violin.”

But the diversity is not the only thing to set this particular talent show apart. All of the proceeds benefit Texas Children’s Hospital, making this night well worth the cost.

“I like supporting charity. It’s a great cause so being able to use talent to support a good cause makes me happy.” Trenton Bird said. “Where the money going is really [what sets this show apart].”

At the end of the show, Salinas highlight seniors who were in and helped with the show by giving out honorary gifts for their hard work. Then, all audience members were invited onstage as an annual tradition to dance for the finale. Overall, it was a great experience as an audience member and performer, and HOLA is sure to turn out more great shows in years to come.