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Discover the Most Anticipated Movies

Films that everyone is looking forward to

The movie industry is working as hard as ever, and successes such as ‘Black Panther’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ has America paying close attention to the silver screen to see what huge success might hit the box offices next. This year and next year is also going to to be the time for anticipated sequels to movies that performed very well on their release. If you haven’t seen the excitement floating around the internet, here are four of the most anticipated sequels that are coming soon.

  1. Incredibles 2- The long awaited sequel to the 2004 hit has finally become a reality, much to the excitement of young adults who have been waiting patiently since childhood for the promised sequel. It plans to release in theaters June 15th of this year, and it has already received tremendous hype from both adults and children alike due to the noticeably improved quality of the animation. Those who watched the original as children will be delighted to know that the majority of the main cast is the same as the first movie, including; Edna Mode, Elastigirl and Frozone.
  2. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2- While the announcement is fairly new, people are already excited for this sequel to the late 2012 video game based film. It promises to be just as creative and fun as the first, while introducing more video game characters recognized by people all around the world. It already has a handful of positive reviews by movie critics and promises to be a sequel we’ll all remember.
  3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom- The first movie to start off the Jurassic World series was incredibly received by the public, as people all over America were overjoyed that the old 1990 movie series was making a return to the big screens. It was inevitable that another movie would follow in an attempt to profit off the amazing success of the first. New characters will be added along with the return of the previous movie’s main characters. The movie will also be put into the hands of a new director, J.A. Bayona. Overall there are high expectations for this movie to be just as popular as its predecessor.
  4. Ant-Man and the Wasp- While Ant-Man wasn’t the most popular movie to be released by Marvel, it certainly wasn’t the worst by any means. It was simply just another marvel movie that existed at one point, was kind of okay, and then faded to the back of everyone’s memories. However, Ant-Man still deemed for another movie, and a new hero will make her debut along his side upon its release. The trailer has already fixed a plot hole found in Captain America: Civil War, and promises more shrunken down action scenes with the fun-sized hero. This sequel will surely pale in comparison to Infinity War’s release, but it will still be a good summer movie to see in your free time with a friend.