The Deadzone

a review


Photo: The Talks

Christopher Walken

TeresaH, Staff Reporter

Spring break is on the horizon. Regardless of what your plans are, most Americans are reported watching at least one movie during the break. If you’re one of these people and you’re looking for a movie you haven’t seen or heard of, then the Deadzone is a highly recommended one.

Made in 1983 starring Christopher Walk, the Deadzone is a movie adaptation of a book written by Stephen King. Although King is more known for writing horror, the Deadzone differs in that it is more of a thriller that follows the story of Johnny Smith whose life changes after a car accident that leaves him in a five-year coma. Miraculously, Johnny is able to recover, but as he regains his strength, he realizes that he has developed a psychic ability to (with the touch of a hand) see into a person’s future. This changes the course of Johnny’s life from a regular high school English teacher to recluse as he tries to repress his psychic ability. The movie explores the different scenarios Johnny is put through and leads up to the story’s inner plot.

I don’t want to give too much away about this movie, but I just have to emphasize that the best part of this movie was its amazing ending–where Johnny is still able to defeat the antagonist without having to give up his principles. The antagonist’s own true nature is what brings about his downfall, not actually Johnny.

Without spoiling the Deadzone, I have attempted to make it worth watching. It’s been difficult to explain the Deadzone without spoiling it and even then, I don’t think my effort has been entirely successful, but I really do recommend the Deadzone to anyone looking for an interesting, exciting and attention-holding thriller.