La La Land

An Art of a Movie



A shot of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone dancing together.

KaylaP, Staff Reporter

As a lover of music and anything to do with musicals, as soon as I saw the trailer for the newly released “La La Land”, I knew I had to see this and it would be something I loved, or was hoping it would.

Going into the theatre, I was filled with excitement and hope that I would love the movie as much as I was expecting to. The movie room was crowded and I was stuck in the front row, but still nothing dimmed my eagerness.

The movie kicks off with a musical number taking place on a traffic filled freeway. People dancing and singing as the song blares through the theatre. It gave a little taste of what the rest of the movie had in store for the audience. There are many more musical songs and choreography such as the slow song “City of stars” and jammable songs like “Someone in the Crowd”.

The movie focuses on the romantic relationship between Sebastian and Mia, played by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They have a really nice on screen connection and it’s refreshing to see a new dynamic duo. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves romance and cute moments. To see these two dancing and singing together put a huge smile onto my face.

Also with this movie, it has a real message about how not everything turns out as planned. It shows that dreams can be difficult to make a reality, such as Mia’s dream to become a famous actress and Sebastian’s dream of opening his own jazz bar, to save the dying genre he loves.

An aspect of the film that I really appreciated, is that it shows the rough parts of a relationship too. That even if you want to make it work, sometimes it can benefit going separate ways. It keeps things real while also giving a little taste of fantasy

The last thing to comment about, is the beautiful cinematography of the whole movie. It is filled with bright colors, and amazing effects. There is a scene where they are dancing in the stars and it literally took my breath away.

I was not disappointed with this movie, I loved every second. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who doesn’t like singing or movies that are more than two hours long. I am so glad I got to see this in the theatre and I will be sure to pick up my own copy when it’s released on DVD.