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The curious case of malpractice

Gypsy Blanchard, formerly known as Gypsy Rose, is the survivor of severe Munchausen by proxy syndrome survivor, a behavior disorder in which a primary caretaker, often a parent or guardian, most commonly a mother, fabricates an illness for their child and purposefully impairs or harms their child for sympathy and attention.

Since she was four months old, Blanchard was under the surgical knife receiving unnecessary and expensive surgeries, altering her appearance, worsening her health and growing sympathy for the Rose family. In total, Blanchard was forced to receive nearly 30 documented surgical procedures with dozens more suspected undocumented surgeries until Dr. Schneider put them to a stop on Nov. 6, 2010. None of the doctors that performed on Blanchard are being tried in court for malpractice or are having their licenses revoked.

It is important to note that there was never anything clinically wrong with Blanchard with the exception of sleep apnea when she was born, an occurrence that 50 percent of newborns have. Dee Dee Rose, Blanchard’s mother, began the lifetime of fabricated lies when Blanchard was only four months old, in a procedure that removed her two salivary glands behind her neck. As Rose continuously brought Blanchard into the hospital, doctors continued to perform procedures on Blanchard, even though there were absolutely no visible signs of illness or ailment, the only problem in the room being Rose’s insistence on the surgeries

Every health care provider in the nation is required to swear by the Hippocratic Oath to be swore into the healthcare profession. Most notably of this oath, healthcare providers promise to, “provide advice and encouragement for my patients in their efforts to sustain their own health,” and “provide the best and most appropriate care available to each of my patients.” What Blanchard’s doctors did was a direct violation of the Hippocratic Oath. Nothing that the doctors did encouraged or helped Blanchard ensure her health, and after numerous unnecessary procedures it is horrifying that it took over 30 doctors to finally put a stop to Blanchard’s medical abuse.

It is not lost on many how much money surgeons make, especially in the pediatric care which averages around four hundred eighty six thousand two hundred and ninety four dollars a year and Blanchard’s first surgery costing eleven thousand nine hundred and thirty three dollars, and there is reasonable doubt in the social integrity of the doctor’s intent of actually helping Blanchard were encouraged instead by money towards the hospital rather than humility.

It is also important to note that not a single doctor, out of over 30 medical “professionals” noticed that Blanchard was much, much older than what her mother claimed, most notably Blanchard was 19 while her mother claimed she was 14, and the doctors still had Blanchard’s medical record but never once noticed this discrepancy. These doctors knew that there was nothing wrong with Blanchard, yet continued to perform surgeries, collect money, and grow sympathy for the Rose family.

Furthermore, after numerous escape attempts and bruises on Blanchard’s arms from her mother tying her to the bed frame to give her bedsores did the doctors notice or ever care to ask if Blanchard was in a safe living environment or if she was being abused, a question that is required to be asked if there is suspected foul play within a child’s residence.

As a result of the negligence performed by medical professionals, Blanchard became addicted to numerous pain killers at the age of 13, and healthcare providers continued to prescribe her said medications after she had shown obvious signs of abuse and withdrawal.

As of Blanchard’s release on Dec. 28, 2023 none of the surgeons or doctors that medically abused Blanchard are being charged or convicted of any felony charge, malpractice or have been submitted to the Ethical Review Board for reevaluation. Each of these health care professionals are still free to abuse children with zero repercussions or revocation of licenses, a more than fair exchange to protect others that are medically abused.


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