The Next NFL Great

Why Joe Burrow will be the next NFL super star.

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Tammy Anthony Baker

Joe Burrow getting ready to throw the ball against SELU on Sept. 8, 2018 at Tiger Stadium.

With some of the best quarterbacks in league history like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, and Phillip Rivers coming to the end of their historic career, it is time for the next great quarterback to arrive and take over the league, and that quarterback is Joe Burrow.

This year Burrow is having a historic season with the LSU Tigers. So far this season he has the second most passing yards in the NCAA with 5,208 yards, 55 passing touchdowns, which is the most in the country, and has the second best quarterback rating in the league: 204.6. Burrow also won the most prestigious trophy in all college football: the Heisman trophy. He has not just been doing great things for himself, but also for his team. Burrow has lead the Tigers to the National Championship, while knocking off some of the best teams in the nation like: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma. 

What makes Burrow different from other quarterbacks is his ability to adapt and improve.  At one point in his career he was a third string quarterback at Ohio State who had no chance of starting. After his Sophomore season he decided to transfer to LSU and fight for to be the starting Quarterback. In his first season playing at LSU he was struggling a lot, only completing 57.8% of his passes, and looked like another mediocre LSU quarterback. However, in just his second year of starting he improved dramatically and now has completed 77.6% of his passes, which is the best in the nation. This proves that he has the ability and the will to adapt his game, which is very important to have a successful career because it shows when he is faced with a new challenge, not only will he overcome it he will destroy it.

The NFL better watch out because Joe Burrow is coming.