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NBA, We Have a Problem

The logo of the NBA, who is former Los Angeles point guard Jerry West

CooperG, Staff Reporter

January 24, 2019

For years now the public has been open to vote who should be an NBA all-star and who should be a all-star starter, but this year instead of voting the best players and who deserve to be in they are voting players based on popularity. This year there are 2 types of bad voters and the first type of bad voters ...

Rocking the Vote

Rocking the Vote

JordanM, Editor-in-Chief

September 13, 2016

Taxation without representation is a policy that Americans were once vehemently opposed to, yet now they are doing it to their own people: 16-17 year old citizens. 16-year-olds can drive, work without limits on hours, live on their own and pay taxes. However, they can’t vote in local or nationwide...

Election Database Hacked

Authorities say voting records in Arizona and Illinois were illegally accessed.

AbbyM, Staff reporter

August 30, 2016

The 10-year-old database for the Illinois Board of Elections holds records of up to 15 million people. On Tuesday, August 30th, hackers have gained access, allowing them to see voter’s birthdays, names, sex, addresses, and the last four digits of social security numbers. According to CNN's Ken Menzel,...

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