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Cy Woods High School

KiaraS, Co-Editor-in-Chief

February 9, 2018

Education proficiency in America has always been a standard measure of quality of schools. Each year states, districts and schools are examined and ranked by their different levels of achievement, proficiency, safety and other important factors. USA Today reported the results of the 2018 edition of...

A Colorful Story

Mindi Johnson-Eluwole

TeresaH, Online Editor

August 22, 2017

In Accra, Ghana, a seamstress is attempting to send one of her twin nineteen-year old daughters to university. Her nimble fingers craft colorful bags and bright shirts while her daughters help thread round beads onto strings. Vibrant reds, luminous yellows, jade greens and sky blues surround her in the...

Betsy DeVos Confirmed

Betsy DeVos Confirmed

KyleR, Acting Managing Editor

February 7, 2017

Through great Senate debate, Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as the Secretary of Education on President Trump's Cabinet. The confirmation comes on a wave of controversy over Devos's plans for education in the United States based on very different ideas than previous Secretaries of Education. The confirmation...

Becoming a Global Citizen

A global citizen symbol
Credit: Wikimedia

TeresaH, Staff Reporter

October 5, 2016

Asking “why do we need to know this?” would be an acceptable question in a math or science class but not in world history. Despite the shared complaints among students, world history is one of the most important classes in high school. Knowing world history allows us to make informed judgements in...

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