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Snapchat, Not Chat

Photo provided by: Pixabay

BrandonC, Staff Reporter

February 13, 2018

Let's be real. We all hate the new Snapchat update. It has a lot of adjectives: ugly, inefficient, disgraceful, a waste of time and space on my phone, unnecessary, a true example of a horrible app update and last but not least, it is a failure. First of all, I did not consent to updating Snapchat....

Your Guide to Pokemon Go

Your Guide to Pokemon Go

BillyS, Online Editor

July 12, 2016

If you are reading this article, then you have probably already downloaded Pokémon Go and are now looking for advice on how to create a better and more powerful stable of Pokémon so you can knock the spit out of the opposing players. You came to the right place. Pokémon go is Nintendo’s biggest...

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