Photo provided by: Pixabay
Photo provided by: Pixabay

Snapchat, Not Chat

snapchat's ugly update

February 13, 2018

Let’s be real. We all hate the new Snapchat update. It has a lot of adjectives: ugly, inefficient, disgraceful, a waste of time and space on my phone, unnecessary, a true example of a horrible app update and last but not least, it is a failure.

First of all, I did not consent to updating Snapchat. No means no. No does not mean, “Yes, Snapchat, I would love to have your new update be a menace to my vision and my phone storage space.”

Snapchat has had a lot of amazing updates in the past; however, this one is subpar in comparison to its predecessors.

New features include: rearranged placement of  app divisions, stories being only accessible through the conversations screen, your personal story being inconveniently placed in the top right hand corner of the screen,  and tailored public stories, among the many.

While the idea of Bitmojis is nice, I do not want to see deformed blobs that claim to be faces all along the left side of my screen. I do not want to press on that ugly blob in order to access different stories, and I do not want to have it automatically cycling through all of the recent updates. I want to have the option to easily choose which stories to view and which ones I want to skip. It is simply illogical for this update’s layout to be so convoluted and roundabout.

I made a lot of good memories with Snapchat over the years, and they were all accentuated by the easy to understand, simple layout. It was a user friendly take on sending snapshots of your day to the people you enjoy to talk to. Personally, I believe that Snapchat is much more than streaks, but that is beside the point.

The point here is that the new update that we were forced into is extremely and dreadfully inefficient and hard to navigate. It is irredeemable.

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