It’s the End

A review for Avengers: Endgame

Part of the Endgame movie poster

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Part of the Endgame movie poster

Spoiler Warning


The Marvel series Avengers has finally and sadly come to a close with Endgame. I personally found it absolutely amazing. Somehow Marvel figured out a way to nicely tie all of the loose ends into a bow. Unlike Infinity War, Endgame focused on the six, original Avengers and their lives five years after half the universe was wiped out. Some of them were able to somewhat move on while others were trapped in the past and unable to face the loss of all of those people. This leads to the reunion of the core six and a few extra characters like Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Rocket (Bradley Cooper), Warmachine (Don Cheadle), and Nebula (Karen Gillan). They bring their minds together in order to solve the crisis at hand and bring all of those who died back.

Even though the overall tone in the movie is sad, there were still some hilarious parts. Of course, we all know how humor plays a big part in the Marvel universe, but I did not expect to see Thor with a beer belly playing fortnight. It made me cringe yet laugh every time I saw him “fitting” into a new outfit and having major meltdowns. However, Thor isn’t the only one with a new appearance in this future. Bruce Banner and the Hulk have somehow come together as one. Seriously, we now have a Hulk with Banners voice and clothing style. Around every single corner was a new surprise that made the audience burst out laughing, but there were also those heartbreaking and shocking moments that were hard to get over.

The team came up with a solution. Time travel. Sadly, unknowing to them, this decision would cost them lives.

The Avengers, in multiple teams, went back in time to recover the infinity stones as they were destroyed after Thanos used them. They went through their own histories where they discovered many things, one of them being how the soul stone was retrieved. Yes, an Avenger gave their life in order to get the stone and help save everyone. I was completely shocked at who the person would turn out to be, and devastated, but it makes sense when you get to the end why it had to be them. (No, I’m not saying who it is.)

Problems came quickly after these first few stones were recovered. The biggest one was Thanos. His past self discovers his achievement and how the Avengers are trying to stop him. In order to keep the present intact, Thanos comes to the future where the Avengers reside after getting all of the stones. There were a lot of problems and heart-dropping moments at this point, including the small hope we felt as Ant-Man looked out the window while saying the stones worked. In addition, there was the shock after the bombs dropped by Thanos destroyed the Avengers main building with everyone inside. There were no deaths by this, but it came down to a race between the heroes as they tried to keep the stones away from Thanos.

In the end, everything came together. Truths were finally released and all the questions we have had over the years were answered in this one film. When the credits rolled with no end scene, I felt connected to every single person in the room – we had all just cried, laughed, and experienced something amazing that I won’t be forgetting.