An interesting new Superhero

A photo of the iconic Shazam suit

Gage Skidmore

A photo of the iconic Shazam suit

On April 5, 2019, the not very well known superhero Shazam made its debut in theaters. While I was interested to see this movie, I did not expect a lot. Yet after it was over it wasn’t the powers or humor that made me smile, it was the family.

Foster kid Billy Batson, played by Asher Angel, is a foster kid after he lost his mom at a theme park. He is put into a group home at the age of fourteen after continuously running away from his foster families. This is where he meets five other foster kids who end up helping him tremendously with finding his ‘real family’ and himself.

Overall, when I think of how I felt and how much I laughed during the movie, I can say that it was good. The commentary between grownup Billy, played by Zachary Levi, and foster sibling Freddy, played by Jack Grazer, was hilarious. The onslaught of power practices and little arguments between the two made the whole movie theater laugh as well as me. The humor wasn’t the only positive though. The villain’s backstory helped us really understand why he became the man he did and what provoked his actions. It showed us how his family was awful to him and how that shaped him for the worst.

Although there were many positives, there were also some downsides. I know that this movie was based on a comic, but a little boy who turns into a full grown man with one word is kind of stupid for lack of a better word. Also, I didn’t like how cowardly Billy seemed. However, Billy’s story line and the connections he ends up making with his foster family make up for it.

The message in this movie shows us how important family is, and I think that overshadows the negatives in the movie. I would definitely recommend watching it.