Wildcats Worst Dates

Cy Woods Wildcats most horrific dates



Artwork of a broken heart.

Dates can be a stressful experience, especially if it’s your first time going out with someone. Some dates, though, may not be what you were expecting, and can either help or hinder the relationship you have with the person you’re taking out. Here are some of our Wildcats worst dates they’ve been on.



Emily Craig (sophomore)

Briefly explain your worst date experience.

So when we decided what to do, he told me he didn’t have a ride, so I had to go pick him up and he lives all the way in Conroe. Now, I don’t want to stereotype but normally the guy picks up the girl, so that was very different. We made it to the football game, and he completely ignored me the whole time. He basically just talked to all his other friends, which would’ve been fine except he didn’t ever acknowledge me. Plus, when the date was over, I had to drive him all the way back home.

Any advice you can give based on your experience?

Make sure you give attention to your date, and don’t only talk to your friends.


Hunter Melera (senior)

Briefly explain your worst date experience.

This was right before homecoming in my sophomore year, and I took this girl to Marvino’s. I told her to order whatever she wanted and that I would pay for it. Everything was fine until it came to the end of the dinner. The waiter comes over and pulls me aside because he didn’t want to embarrass me and says, ‘I didn’t wanna say this in front of your date but your card got declined.’ Now, I hadn’t known this girl previously, so she doesn’t know that I’m broke, and I’m not about to make her pay, so I had to call my dad to come up to Marvino’s and pay for our dinner in front of my date, and we haven’t talked since.

Any advice you can give based on your experience?

Be respectful, dress nice and smell good. Oh, and make sure you have money.


Caitlyn Nguyen (sophomore)

Briefly explain your worst date experience.

When my date got to my house, instead of coming to my door and knocking, he texted me he was there and honked his horn. When I got into his car, it smelled like a garbage can, and I had to stop myself from making a face. So then we drove to Panera, I paid for my own meal which was fine, but then we saw one of his exes there. They seemed really chill with each other, like almost too chill in my opinion. Then, after they talked for awhile, she walked over and sat down at our table. Through the date, he was only talking to her, plus she was giving me death glares the entire time, so it was just really awkward.

Any advice you can give based on your experience?

Try not to run into their exes.