Picture Perfect

Q & A with Brooke Nunley


The VASE competition which stands for Visual Arts and Scholastic Events is a photography competition that scholastic holds every year. Many photographs are looked over and reviewed. Brooke Nunley had two pictures that advanced to state this year.


How do you feel about your pictures advancing to state?

I thought it was super exciting. It was totally unexpected and I’m so excited to see how they do there.


Describe your 2 pictures?

My first image is more of an abstract image. It’s the roof of a building in New York that’s super contrasted. My second image is a pair of hands put on top of each other with some acrylic paint on top, so it dried and really emphasized all the lines and textures in the hands. I did both of these images in black and white.


Can you walk me through the interview process?

What we did is we went in with our image and they just asked us a bunch of expressionist things about it. They asked things like what composition is it and what kind of elements are in it, and also explain why we took the image and what the underlying message was. The interviewing process was pretty easy because we usually answer questions like that in class, so it went pretty well.


What inspired you to take those pictures?

The one in New York I really liked the elements that were in it and I thought it would be really cool to blow up and blow out in black and white. For the hands image, I wanted to capture the detail of the human hands and hands say so much about someone and I wanted a dramatic interpretation of that.


What inspired you to want to take photography?

I have grown up in a family of photographers, so I thought it was something I had to do and had to learn, but the more I did it the more I fell in love with it.


What kind of pictures do you try to avoid?

I do not like motion pictures at all. Those who can capture motion pictures whether it’s freezing them or making them blurry, I praise them because I think it’s very difficult.


What kind of photographer do you want to be and why?

I want to be a portrait photographer just because I love capturing the personality and uniqueness of people, and they’re just really fun to play with colors and different things like that.