Beto Vs. Cruz

Texas Takes A Look At O’Rourke Vs. Cruz for Upcoming November Election


Photo provided by: Lauren Peterson Gregory

Democratic Donkey & Republican Elephant

On March 6, Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz were announced as the two candidates running for this year’s general election for U.S. Senate in Texas. Cruz, a Houston native, and Republican hopes to seek a second term after being the Junior U.S. Senator for Texas since 2013. But on the opposite side of the spectrum, O’Rourke takes on the Democratic side for a chance at his first term, pulling from his El Paso roots.


“With O’Rourke leading the Democratic field since primary ballots were counted, the two could be headed for a face off in November,” CNN Politics reporter Eric Bradner said.  “Texas has long been a Republican stronghold, but O’Rourke has out raised Cruz in recent months.”


Despite how O’Rourke’s progression past primaries are viewed, Cruz won 85  percent of his votes against four other Republican candidates during this same time. He claims that he is “fighting to keep Texas red” by speaking out against previous Obama era enforcement’s that he views as unconstitutional and extending “true American pride”.


“Our party remains as firm as a rock and will not be divided by any force,” Cruz said.


Although each candidate has received their own positive comments from different prospects, there is more to the story because of the differences in what they stand for. Some differences, among many, are their opposing views on pro-life versus Planned Parenthood funding, lowering versus raising taxes, illegal immigration versus open borders and whether the Obamacare individual mandate should stay intact.


“I am confident that this time the American people are going to get it right,” O’Rourke said. “Our country is deserving of more, but I can also acknowledge that’s politics.”


Because of each candidate’s remarks, voters are faced with two drastically different candidates with many different views. Cruz fights for abolishing the Internal Revenue Service, and keeping border security, as well as pro-life and lowering taxes, to name a few. He is also passionate about limited government and “the power of Christianity,” whereas O’Rourke approves of the IRS, open borders, 100 percent Planned Parenthood funding and raising taxes with more government involvement. On his side, O’Rourke is passionate about women’s rights and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.


The first thing Cruz intends to do is rescind every executive action he finds illegal and unconstitutional, taken by Obama, a task he has spoken on since the primaries, whereas O’Rourke wants to renew our democracy. He feels that if we want to have a Congress that’s truly reflective of our country, every single person needs a voice. He uses this reasoning to back up his support for the Government By The People Act.


As the election approaches in November, registered voters will have the opportunity to vote for the campaigner of their choice. Will Texas bleed red, or lean left?