Ice Valley: A Review

Smoothie and boba tea hangout


This might seem a little biased since I work here, but Ice Valley is by far one of the best boba tea shops in Cypress. Here’s why:

Everyday, Ice Valley makes new tea and new tapioca instead of just reusing it from the previous day. The taste is a lot different and customers can tell that it’s fresh and new. Not only that, but the milk that we use is dairy free and vegan friendly. This makes the restaurant more inclusive to people with different lifestyles.

The milk tea is made with real black tea, the fruit teas are made with real green tea and the smoothies are made with real fruit. The fruit teas and the smoothies are mixable with up to three fruits, giving customers the opportunity to create unique and new flavors to try.

One drink to try is the off-menu chocolate banana smoothie. It’s a personal favorite of mine and something that is not well-known. Another off menu item is the coffeeccino. It is a coffee favored frappuccino/smoothie hybrid that tastes like an icy coffee. It’s made as a smoothie but tastes like a frappuccino.

Something else to try is the fried oreos. They are served with ice cream and oreo bits and are delicious and hot. One item that is not seen very often in Cypress is the snow ice. It is a type of shaved ice that is soft and fluffy. Customers can choose the flavor of ice they want as well as three free toppings that include fruit, tapioca and jellies. It is a perfect sweet treat for a hot, Texas day.

The restaurant is a perfect hangout spot for you and your friends. The upbeat music and the plethora of board games accompanied with delicious drinks is my definition of a good night out.

So if you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends and good drinks, Ice Valley is number one.