Person of The Week: Pamela Puckett

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Pamela Puckett

Pamela Puckett

Some students have a knack for mathematics, making it their favorite subject at school. Others, however, have a hard time catching on to different equations and applying them to problems. But no matter the type of student, it seems like pre-cal teacher Pamela Puckett makes math enjoyable for all of her students.

“I always wanted to be a teacher from the time I was a little kid and I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to teach,” Puckett said. “I thought maybe I’d do science but they have to have those showers and stuff when people catch on fire and I didn’t want that because that seems stressful and I always was the best at math so I was like ‘Oh, maybe that’s what I’ll teach.”

When asked what her favorite part of teaching was, her response was not surprising.

“I mean I love my content area, but I love getting to know the kids.” Puckett said.

Students who don’t necessarily like math seem to be concentrated in Puckett’s class and get along with her in a friendly way.

“This might not be an attribute necessarily but I talk the whole time. I don’t give too much individual time to work on your own,” Puckett said. “I just feel like a lot of kids are not disciplined enough to actually do their work so I kind of lead them in homework because I feel like I get more response that way and it might be a better use of our time.”

Becoming a teacher takes a responsibility to dedicate one’s time to their students and genuinely enjoy spending time with teens and kids.

“Make sure you like kids. You need to enjoy coming to work everyday, you should observe and do student teaching to make sure you like it. Neither you or your students deserve to have a teacher that doesn’t like kids.” Puckett said.

When asked why she thinks so many students are drawn to her and her style of teaching, Puckett had a humble response.

“I’m generally a positive person and I think in general if you think positively, that’s an attractive aspect of one’s personality.”

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