Inherit the Wind

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Review for the movies Inherit the Wind.

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Inherit the Wind

So here is a something I do not do often: a movie review. Although I have done many reviews in the past, I have rarely reviewed any films. Especially not any films that were made before the 1990’s. However when I saw this film, I instantly loved it.

Old movies are some of my favorite things, and Inherit the Wind is definitely up there with some of my favorite movies. The film is about the Scopes Trail (1925) which is a case about a school teacher who illegally taught his students about Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Despite the dullness of the case itself, the movie made it extremely interesting while still keeping true to history. Obviously there were some differences between history and the plot line, but they were harmless and did not take away from the main plot. But, I’m not here to compare the movie and history, I’m here to judge the film itself.

Even though it was in black and white, the movie did not fail to express the emotions throughout the film. In fact, I realized it was in black and white halfway through the film. The scripts were very well written, but even more importantly, the execution was flawless.

The actors did an amazing job in transcribing the character’s personality and feelings through their dialogue and their actions. You know the acting is good when the actor can stand there and you know exactly what they are feeling. Even the extras were excellent when performing the rioting scenes; the anger and hatred were translated so well, it was hard for me to forget the violence.

There were several minor plot lines that branched out from the major plot, which gave the film complexity while still keeping it easy to follow, and avoided any holes.

All in all, this film was phenomenal, and this is coming from someone who is the opposite of a history buff. I would recommend this movie to anyone ready to sit down with some snacks and relax for a few hours.

Grade: A

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