Truck Attack in Sweden

what we know at this point


Wikimedia Commons, Edited by Colin Hope

yellow circle signifies site of attack

Earlier today in  Stockholm, Sweden, a stolen truck slammed into an Åhléns department store around 3 p.m local time killing four people and injuring dozens more. The attack took place on Drottninggatan, a busy pedestrian street in central Stockholm.

Parliament and the Stockholm subway system have both been shut down.

The Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, has indicated that this is most likely a terrorist attack. 

Even King Gustaf XVI decided to cut his state trip to Brazil short by returning home immediately in the wake of the attack.

There has been an arrest made, but it is not certain yet if it is the suspect himself.

This is the latest in a string of truck terror attacks in Europe spanning back to the horrendous Nice attack in July 2016 that killed over 80 people. Since then, there has been the Berlin attack and most recently the London attack.

The same area was struck by a failed terrorist attack back in 2010, where a suicide bomber died as his bomb exploded prematurely on his way to Drottninggatan.
Not much else is known about the attack. No suspect has been named and no connections to other groups have been discovered.