a search engine

It’s a simple idea: a search engine that plants trees with money generated from ad revenue. This vision is what led Christian Kroll to create, a bing-based search engine, in 2009. Since its creation, Ecosia has gained a small staff of 25 and expanded their goal to plant a billion trees by 2020. Currently, Ecosia has succeeded in planting 12 million trees with 5.5 million active users by donating 80 percent of ad revenue profit and its four projects have visited Peru, Indonesia, Madagascar and Burkina Faso.

According to the Ecosia about page, Ecosia turned its attention towards the reforestation of forests because of the benefits trees provide such as climate control, soil protection, cleaner air, biodiversity, water security and happier people.

One of Ecosia’s main values is transparency. This principle is evident in their unique method of publically releasing financial reports which document the profits made from ads and expenses and breaks down (by percentage) what Ecosia spends ad revenue on.

For more information on Ecosia, check them out here.