Corruption and Park Geun-hye

South Korean president impeached


Wikimedia Commons

Park Geun-hye

TeresaH, Staff Reporter

After being South Korean President since February 25th, 2013, Park Geun-hye has been impeached on March 10th after a unanimous parliamentary vote following her role in a corruption scandal. Elections for a new South Korean president will now be held in 60 days.

The South Korean court concluded that the president was taking donations from big business and sharing information her friend Choi Soon-sil, who does not hold an official position but has an extremely close relationship with the president. Because of this relationship, Choi has been taking bribes from businesses such as Samsung (who were planning to give her $37 million for favorable treatment from the government.

“The president violated the Constitution and South Korean law by letting Choi Soon-sil get involved in government affairs,” said Lee Jung-mi, the acting chief justice. “This is a violation of constitutional democracy.”