a current obsession



EDEN, his real name being Jonathon Ng, is a music artist that I was recently recommended and I can see why. His music type is something I have never quite heard before and I am hooked.

I would describe his music as electronic-indie pop, and if that was not a thing before, it is now. While his music can be incredibly danceable with groovy beats, lyrics are another story. His lyrical style revolves around real life struggles like heartache and life not turning out as planned. Some of his songs are nice, simple, and slow as well, like “Catch Me if You Can”, which has almost brought tears to my eyes.

Another likable quality about EDEN is that he does not let things revolve around him too much. He is not in his own music videos and instead, uses them to tell a story. Unlike many artists who have very generic videos of them singing and people dancing, he uses the light that is shown on him to actually tell the stories he wants to create with his songs.

While I would like to keep EDEN my little secret, I would also like him to get the recognition I feel he deserves. I recommend his music to any music lover that can enjoy a simplistic style in one song, an indie- electronic in another and a few songs that have a compilation of styles all in one.

So yes, go discover EDEN and many more underground artists that deserve way more appreciation than they get. The music industry could use some new, eccentric people. I am so glad I was recommended EDEN because now my music library has been expanded and I do not think it will ever stop growing.