Living the Unthinkable

Jaycee Dugard tells her story


From: Haiku Deck

Often we live our life taking what we have for granted.

We complain about things that don’t go our way and shrug off the good. For Jaycee Dugard, she quickly found out to not take things for granted but to cherish every moment you have enjoying life.

A Stolen Life is the story of how Phillip Garrido stole Jaycee Dugard’s life from her at age eleven. Jaycee was kept in secret rooms in his backyard without sunlight or any room to move. She endures the gruesome and unthinkable that nobody would dare to think a human would be capable of doing. For eighteen years, Dugard was locked in a room with no human contact other than her kidnapper. She was not allowed to speak her own name, talk about her family and had to keep Phillip, the kidnapper, happy at all times.

This book shows how she conquered the impossible and still managed to have faith in the human race. As an innocent little girl, she was taken by one of the cruelest people to walk on the earth. Jaycee Dugard speaks how she lived through what she did, feeling that it was her mission for Phillip Garrido to not get away for what he did to an innocent child.

I rate this book at five stars and recommend it to be read with a huge box of tissues. It’s hard to complain about too much homework or plans falling through when you read how a child hopes their teacher doesn’t get mad because they didn’t show up for school the next day simply because she was kidnapped. Dugard tells her story as if you’re there, leaving nothing back and telling the whole truth of what her life contained for eighteen years since she was eleven years old.