No More Doing It For The Vine

Vine has officially turned into a camera app

Vine will be permanently shut down.

Flickr user: Esther Vargas

Vine will be permanently shut down.

Vine, the app that made short video loops, has officially been shut down and transformed into a camera app entitled “Vine Camera.” When I found out of the app’s closing, my heart snapped (Vine pun intended). What other app has videos of babies covered in peanut butter, armies of rubber ducks all squealing at once and the “what are those” sayings. The short video clips made by users brought fame, laughter and recognition to Viners.

Twitter owns the Vine app and has been experiencing difficulty on the financial side of the company, which makes sense as to why the app must be closed. As someone who looks forward to scrolling through videos of hilarious content, I am seriously upset about the app’s closing.

The app gave comedians an easy platform to put themselves out there on. But, it also brought fame to untalented people like Viner Jacob Sartorius, who’s “talent” is rapping his ABC’s at meet and greets.

Without an app like Vine, it will be harder for short videos to be spread easily and there will not be a large database filled with short videos alike.

Vine’s peak was around 2013, but people continued to go on the app for hilarious content. Instagram, instead of sticking to the pictures which it is infamous for, introduced a video aspect to their application, making more competition for Vine. Since then, Instagram has also introduced live streaming, ripping off apps like Periscope and YouNow. This competition made it hard for Vine and other apps to keep up.

Twitter should not have shut Vine down, instead they should have let Vine branch off to form their own company. Owning two competing social media platforms can bring inevitable destruction to either of the apps, in this case, Vine was the victim. If the app would have been able to branch away from Twitter, they would have been able to be more focused on getting advertisements and appeal to their audiences which would keep the app successful.

Vine was around before Periscope and Twitter videos were invented. There were videos on the app for everyone, six second song covers, remixes, edits and of course, my personal favorite, the memes. I do believe that it will not be long until an app similar to Vine will be created and rise in popularity, but it will never top Vine’s prime.