Games Done Quick

Raising money to battle cancer


Photo Provided by the Prevent Cancer Foundation

Games Done Quick Attendance Map

Some people play video games for fun, some play to be competitive, and others play to finish as quickly as possible. Games Done Quick, takes finishing games to the next level. Games Done Quick is an event that gathers an audience from all around the world, allowing people of all shapes and sizes to compete in order to finish video games the fastest. From January 6th to 16th, competitors travel to Virginia to complete various video games in the fastest possible time. Games can range from classics such as The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and System Shock 2, to newer games like Doom (2016) and Borderlands 2. There are so many games, that almost anyone can find something that appeals to them. All the time trials are available to be live streamed online, with past marathons available in an archive to view as well.

What makes Games Done Quick so special is the reason it exists in the first place. The event raises money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Last year, the Games Done Quick raised $1.2 million to assist those battling cancer. Some of that money went to a $250,000 research grant in cancer prevention and early detection. While the Prevent Cancer Foundation does have other events to raise money such as No Shave November, a 5K walk and more, Games Done Quick is consistently one of the biggest money makers for them. Games Done Quick is also supported by large players in the video games industry such as Bandai Namco.

If you’d like to help Games Done Quick, you can donate directly here.