A Fetching Accessory

The next big thing you can share with your animal

A Fetching Accessory

SujeanS, Co Copy Editor

There are many ways an animal lover can show their appreciation to their pet. Pictures and videos are common ways to express one’s love to their best friend, but how about friendship bracelets?

Friendship Collar is a company designed to give you a bracelet that matches the collar of your dog or cat. The company has multiple collections each with a variety of colors and patterns. All of the collars also come with many sizes to fit your chihuahua or your great dane.

There is even the option to add charms to your pet’s collar as well as your bracelet.

Each package is reasonably priced and includes the bracelet as well as the collar.

Animals lovers will also appreciate this product because it is the world’s first PETA approved vegan pet product.

This Friendship Collar is the perfect present to give to your best friend to show them and everyone else how much you love them.