Fantastic Beasts and a Fantastic Movie

An Addition to the Magical World


In 133 minutes, the movie that extends the wizarding and magical world does not disappoint. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was shared everywhere across the United States on November 18, and I saw it almost a week later.

Waiting that week to see the movie was taunting as the excitement to see it grew inside of me. So I went into the theatre with high expectations to say the least. I was not alone in this, many Harry Potter fans entered cinemas all around with smiles for a taste of more magic.

The beginning of the movie shows wizard Newt Scamander entering the city of New York with his suitcase of magical creatures, that he studies in hopes that other wizards will better understand them. A lot of the audience was immediately intrigued by one of the creatures, called a Niffler. The little creature that looks like a mix between a mole and a platypus, escapes Newt’s briefcase in search of anything that is high in value, due to its attraction to shiny, and sometimes expensive objects.

Newt’s case is accidentally taken by a human and his creatures escape. Throughout the movie the audience is introduced to new interesting creatures as Newt tries to recapture them, like the Bowtruckle, that’s basically a walking stem and the Demiguise which looks like a monkey and can disappear without a trace.

Like in almost every movie, we are given a villain, teenager and young wizard Creedance. He has turned into an evil being from being forced to contain and conceal his magical abilities by his adoptive, abusive mother. By the end of the movie I did not know whether to be annoyed with his destructiveness or feel sorry for him.

There is even a tang of romance in this movie for people, like myself, that like to see sweet moments. Newt and fellow wizard Porpentina Goldstein show obvious chemistry with long kept eye contact and an emotional filled goodbye. With human Jacob Kowalski and witch Queenie Goldstein, their romance and love for each other fills everyone’s hearts. I could not help but be sad when they too had to say goodbye, but in a different way when the wizarding community said Jacob’s knowledge of wizards and witches had to be erased.

By the end of the movie, my emotions were all over the place. I laughed, smiled, and was close to crying. I went in with high expectations and I was not disappointed. I definitely recommend seeing it to those who have not, even if you have not watched all eight Harry Potter movies.