The Go-To Places for Homecoming

Places that make homecoming a little easier


Tai Gray

There are plenty of places someone could go to get quick homecoming fixes. If an alteration is needed or maybe someone chose to attend last minute and needs a dress, there is a place that can help. Here are a few:

Bamboo Tailor & Alteration

This place is nice, clean, and quick. If someone is in a hurry to get their dress fitted or maybe even a suit, this is the place to go. They will get you the measurements and price in under half an hour. Your clothing will be ready in a week or less. Plus, the prices are not bad, sometimes they can be as low as $45 depending on the alterations needed.


If you are looking for a simple dress for a fun time, this is the perfect place. They carry inexpensive dresses that are both cute and well-made. If you are on a budget, this would be a good place to go dress hunting, and you might be surprised at what you find. JcPenney’s will surprise you with their vast selection of dresses, and even shoes.


Sephora actually offers free 15 minute makeovers (but only once). So if someone is not exactly talented in the makeup department, they can just stop over at Sephora and get it done for free by a professional. It is quick, easy, and not much of a hassle.


Macy’s also offers a free makeover (only once) and they have cute shoes and dresses, that are not very expensive either. If someone looked hard enough, they could find the perfect dress they were dreaming about.

If you look around and shop, you would be surprised by how many great deals you can find. Things do not always have to be expensive to be perfect or nice. There is plenty of little hacks, tricks, and helpful stores around the corner.