Rage of Hurricane Matthew

Natural disaster continues to approach



The hurricane continues to make its way towards the coast as its strength increases.

KaeT, Staff Reporter

As of lately, Florida and the east coasts of states north have been plagued by an impending problem that draws closer to the United States every day. Hurricane Matthew is a powerful category four storm that in recent days has touched down in Haiti, moving quickly to Cuba after leaving devastation it its wake.

The arrival of the natural disaster left an estimated 108 dead and even more missing among the rubble and mess. As of now the most damaged areas are in a state of recovery, one of the worst being Baracoa in Cuba, which has been covered in rubble from the storm and destroyed buildings.

The deaths resulting from the disaster and the prediction of Hurricane Matthew hitting Florida by Thursday has sparked fear in many citizens. People from Florida and South Carolina have begun to evacuate their homes in hopes of escaping before the storm’s arrival.

Those who have decided to stay despite the danger have begun to seek secure shelter and board up their windows against the rain, hoping to wait out the storm until it moves on.

After hitting the east coast of Florida and South Carolina, Matthew is predicted to travel further north before making a sharp turn around as it approaches North Carolina. Although it was first predicted to hit New Jersey, the hurricane’s new course will leave it unaffected.

With the power behind the high category storm, a large trail of ruined homes, water damage, and injuries is expected to be left behind. For the United States, it will be the first notable hurricane since Hurricane Ike in 2008