Hillary Vs. Trump

Review of the 2016 presidential debate

Hillary Vs. Trump

America anxiously waited on the edge of their seats as the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton premiered last night. The expectations were high in drama and the debate did not disappoint. It seemed to begin like the calm before the storm because in the first thirty minutes, both candidates can be described as the perfect picture of civilized. That is until Moderator Lester Holt began asking the more hard hitting questions and the pressure to answer without fumbling increased.

The debate did not cover many subjects but that is most likely due to the excessive rambling of facts and opinions already previously stated. Not to mention the amount of follow up questions given because both Trump and Clinton seemed to not be able to answer directly, instead they gave vague replies or ones that had nothing to do with what was asked.

While the presidential debate is no game, Trump made it out to be one. He was short-tempered, his vocabulary was one of an eight year old, and he interrupted Clinton and Holt a grand total of 27 times. Trump failed to engage himself in an actual debate. He was more like a random guy in the back, having a one sided conversation with himself, and occasionally throwing insults in Clinton’s direction. Although, Clinton was no saint either.

The former Secretary of State may have kept calm and collected but her ideas on how to solve the problems presented were not all fully formed. She seemed almost smug after every reply even though she didn’t have much reason to be. While she did a better job at answering the questions given, it can still be a bit hard to trust her seeing as how the private emails scandal continues to charge on.

Both candidates had their ups and downs and the debate as a whole didn’t provide much help to those who are on the fence about who to vote for, but there’s still two more debates to go before a decision must be made.