Newest Cy Woods Artist

Cy Woods sophomore Hayes Howard releases his first song, “About You.”

On Saturday, September 17th, sophomore Hayes Howard released his debut song on Soundcloud entitled “About You.” This song is the first of many to come from Howard, a choir student who’s life revolves around music.

Reaching over 1,000 streams in just two days, Howard has gotten a lot of attention for the unexpected song. “It’s really great knowing that my music is out there,” Howard said. “People have been really supportive and it makes me so much more excited to drop the new music I have on the way.”

Howard was able to incorporate his lyrical ability and amazing vocals in “About You,” his lyrics flow easily with the music and tell a story at the same time.

“I wrote “About You” from the perspective of someone that feels as though their love interest would be happiest with them, even if they do not know it,” Howard said. “The song is an indirect love letter from someone who is afraid of confessing their emotions upfront.”

Technology has made listening to new artists and music unbelievably easy, with so much influential music out there, artists are often inspired by each other when they make their music.

“I get a lot of inspiration from different artists, not even from the same genres,” Howard said. “The artists that have had the most effect on me are Justin Timberlake, Drake, Bryson Tiller, and Logic.”

The music industry is very tough to make it in, all the talent is very competitive and it is very important to remain true to yourself.

“Do not write for other people, write for yourself,” Howard said. “Do not let others dictate your art.”

The daring process of putting music out there for everyone to hear takes a lot of dedication and support from your environment.

“My friend Daniel Escobar and my brother Peyton Howard have really motivated me to get on my grind,” Howard said. “But, the actual writing, recording, and editing was all me. ”

With so much talent and creativity that Howard holds, we can only expect more great music to come from him in the future.