iOS 10 or iOS No

What's new about the Apple update?


KaylaP, Staff Reporter

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Apple recently released their new iOS update to the many apple consumers who have iPhones. The update came with many changes to the apps and design of the iPhone. But was it worth the wait and anticipation?

Some of the changes happened within the Messaging app. People can now send stickers, GIFs, hand-written messages and much more. If someone is sent a link it even comes with a preview to the website.

Changes were also made in other apps like the Music app. Now there are song suggestions based on what is already on someone’s phone. There is also a “recently played” tab that allows people to quickly return to what they listened to earlier. In Photos, pictures are now analyzed and categorized based on what is in them. People can now search for a certain object and pictures containing that object will appear first.

One of the surprising changes is that on the lock screen there is no longer a “slide to unlock” feature. People now have to press down the home button to be brought to the passcode screen or to use the finger-scanning feature. A new change a lot of people like is that apps that were not viable for deletion now are. The Tips app, Books, Stocks, and a few more are now possible to get rid of.

Some smaller changes are that the flashlight now has three different levels of brightness and the Clock app can now help people get 8 hours of sleep. Even Siri was changed a little. Siri is now able to send messages using third-party apps like Snapchat or Facebook. Expect lots of apps will update and take advantage of this opportunity.

Some people were experiencing glitches but Apple has already worked to fix that. For the people who have older generations, it seems to be working well and they are not pressured to go out and buy a newer iPhone though there are reports that the battery drains faster on these older generations with the new update.

This newest upgrade seems to be okay but is not necessarily needed. It seems like it was focused more on the fun, easy updates. It is not drastically improved from the old iOS, but if people want change, it is certainly different.

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