Pete and His Sidekick Dragon

A movie for friendship repairs


Flickr User: BagoGames

After a long summer of highly anticipated movies, comes a fun lighthearted movie to end the summer in an all around adventurous thriller “Pete’s Dragon”.

Few people are aware that this 21st century film is a remake of the 1977 Disney original, where a young boy’s best friend is free spirited dragon whose wherabouts were unknown to others.

Like most Disney movies, it begins with a tragic opening. Pete is five when he is in a terrible car accident that leaves him orphaned and abandoned in the woods without any communication whatsoever to the outside. Moving forward five years, Pete is now 10 years old living in the wilderness with an invisible, mystical creature, the dragon Elliot. From almost every fairytale we have heard of, they are most known to us as the ferocious fire breathing dragon, but Elliot is kind and gentle. He is like an enormous green puppy, who would rather chase his own tail than breathe fire. This movie follows Pete as he embarks on a mission to keep Elliot safe from hunters attempting to find and take him away. All the while, Pete is battling regaining the life that was taken away from him at such a young age.

“Pete’s Dragon” leaves you with a rich and enchanted feel from the first bite of your popcorn to the last sip of your oversized drink. If you would like to choose to believe you are too old to watch this vibrant, thrilling movie, think twice because you too will be enchanted by Pete and his magical dragon Elliot. With all of the live action and engaging characters, Pete and Elliot’s adventure is even more lovable in the modern version.