What I learned about Donald Trump in six hours

After attending the Houston Trump Rally this is what I think


Jim Cole

Donald Trump at his Rally in The Woodlands

BiilyS, Online Editor

I attended the Donald J. Trump rally in The Woodlands, Texas and I realized a few things about the man who very well might be the next President. This is what I thought about

He will say anything to get your vote. I understand that this can be said about many if not all politicians, but I don’t think I have ever seen someone turn around so drastically in opinion to go from ‘keep out everyone who isn’t straight’, to ‘I love all people.’ One of the most surprising aspects of this is that some people seemed to have forgotten all about the comments he has made in the past. I saw a handful of diversity in the crowd that came mainly from a single family of Chinese which, I understand may sound Trump-esque, but I can assure you that they were all wearing the same white T-shirt that said “Chinese Americans love Trump” on the front and had a last name on the back. This brings me to my next point.

People are ignorant and stubborn. When Trump first announced his running last June he immediately saw a swarm of backing from people all across the country willing to defend him to the death. Ever since then, he has seen people join his side with the more radical his accusations. However, the people who expected more left wing ideals from the businessman, have decided to stay with him simply because they have focused so much of their energy on one candidate and after bragging about how they support him, are now too stubborn to change to a different, perhaps more worthy candidate. People do not easily change their mind once it is set, and unfortunately, Trump has played the fear card and freightened others into joining his following. He gained enough attention with a few of his comments that the majority of people who do not regularly watch politcal goings on will not hear the rest of his statements that are outlandish and just plain wrong.

People are dedicated. I am one of these people. I arrived at an already half mile long line at 2:45pm in the 95 degree heat and waited patiently until 5:30pm until I was granted entry into the conference room where I waited until 7:45 when Donald trump finally arrived after believing he could make it from River Oaks country club where he had a special event for donors to The Woodland Marriot during Houston rush hour traffic. After he finally arrived, he delivered a very predictable speech of approximately 45 minutes in length to an eager crowd and said exactly what everyone wanted to hear, that was rewarded by bellowing but shortlived chants of “U-S-A” and “BUILD-A-WALL.” The overall dedication of the 4000 something people was impressive but not surprising considering the overall republicanism and fear mongoring ways of the general population and the attraction to the promise of a safer country.

I give up trying to figure out what Trump stands for. After controversy came over a twitter post from The Donald himself claiming to have “called it” referring to the recent attack on the Pulse gay bar in Orlando, Florida, the largest mass shooting in American history, would you really expect anything less from him other than using the fear card yet again in his speech that the Muslims in the community of the attacker knew all along what Omar Mateen had planned to do. Donald Trump actually said that. Donald Trump might actually believe whole heartedly that Muslim people can read the minds of other Muslim people.

I was taken back by some of the comments made by Trump and the poor organization of the event regarding what seemed like impromptu speeches from a few of the ‘guest speakers’ that managed to fudge the Pledge of Allegiance and the Texas Pledge in front of some of the most ‘patritotic’ citizens in the entire United States of America.