Parc Lake

A Good Place to Park for a Day

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Parc Lake

A few days ago, I made a trip out to the Park at Parc Lake (that’s really the name) for some training for when I go backpacking later this summer. In short, it was a very pleasant place to go, but there were a few spots lacking a little. So let’s go ahead and start breaking down the Park at Parc Lake.

Facilities – A

Everything was kept relatively clean and safe across the board especially for a park that was just flooded less than a month ago. While the bathrooms were not Bucees level of clean, they were still clean and did not make me want to just wait and hold it till I got home. The pavilions, picnic benches, and stretching equipment they had interspersed throughout the park were well placed and in usable and clean condition.

Cleanliness – A+

Like I said earlier, for a park that was underwater only a few weeks ago it looked pretty good. I didn’t see much, if any, trash laying around or other obstructions. Even the parking lot looked well kept and usually people don’t give much attention to a parking lot when cleaning. Despite being next to a major roadway and neighborhood, the park has done an overall good job keeping it clean with only a few dirty spots.

Management and Upkeep – B

This is where Parc Lake loses a few points. Overall, it was okay, but it was lacking in it’s upkeep. The trails were still covered with sand and dirt from the flooding a few weeks ago. This may have been understandable if it was a week or two after it flooded, but when it’s been a month, it should have been taken care of. Plus, the sand on the trails could present a hazard for slipping and people hurting themselves on the asphalt trails. The grass also seemed to be getting a little too long and needed mowing as soon as possible. I understand that it takes money, but they should not be mowing grass that goes almost to my thighs.

Atmosphere and People – A-

For a park next to a major road, the atmosphere was kept relaxed and most the people were kind and inviting. The park had an atmosphere of you take care of you and I’ll take care of me. Everyone stayed out of each other’s way and minded their own business, but were still willing to say hi. Though, there were some people who were obnoxious with their music or with their talking. Overall, it stayed very relaxed and open with a few issues.

Overall, I would give the Park at Parc Lake a score of an A- for staying very clean and having good facilities with a few issues with the upkeep and some of the people. Across the board, Parc Lake scored fairly well for a county park especially after major flooding. So if you’re ever looking for a place to go fish, take a jog, or relax, consider Parc Lake for your next summer trip location.