The top 3 movies of this summer

Connor Bickham

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This year’s summer was quite eventful. With people finally going to the theaters, they got to see new movies and enjoy them. Here are  the best three movies that have come out this summer. 


The first movie is director James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’. The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) is known for not having very good movies, so it’s a relief to have a good movie that’s considered the best for once since the Snyder cut for ‘Justice League’. After Gunn was fired by Marvel, Warner Bros hired him and gave him something no other DCEU movie had: full control of the movie. With that, Gunn created a movie much better than the first in every way. ‘The Suicide Squad’ has an improved soundtrack, entertaining characters, an appropriate tone, and exciting visuals. The characters in this movie are much more colorful and lively than the ones from the first and the returning characters got some development. For example, Rick Flag in the first movie was a boring bland character by being not as fun as the others in the first and not as interesting, and not having enough emotion, however in this movie, he’s more fun to watch and is more interesting by being just as fun as the new characters, and is more grounded, unlike how he was before, especially toward the final act of the film. The characters are what made this movie for people, especially the new ones. Returning characters are fun and Amanda Waller feels just as evil as she did in the first, being more heartless and cruel like she did before. New characters like Bloodsport and Ratcatcher 2 had a relationship that grounded them and made them people’s favorite characters. Then there are zany characters like King Shark, Polka-Dot-Man, and Peacemaker who are just as interesting and just as fun. Overall, ‘The Suicide Squad’ is a breath of fresh air for DC and is a great movie.


Next there is David Lowery’s ‘The Green Knight’. A24 production is known for making weird, interesting and trippy movies, and this one is no exception. This movie is based on the “Green Knight” story from Arthurian lore. It’s about King Arthur’s nephew, Gawain, who strikes the green knight instead of another knight, and one year later, Gawain must go to the green knight and be struck in the same way. This movie can be interpreted in many different ways, it can be interpreted as Gawain finding his place in the world, or him having to deal with his destiny.  A24 is known for having weird movies with interesting visuals, and this one has many unique and nice shots, like the opening shot, and there are other ones like the many mountain shots, and the shots toward the end of the film, and the colors are used well for each setting in the movie. The soundtrack is very odd but effective. There’s calm and nice scores, and there are also ones that are intense and eerie, as if they were used in a horror movie.  Each score is used perfectly in the right time and places. There are few characters in the movie, and you’re gonna be mostly stuck with Gawain the whole movie, but the few ones that are there can add to Gawain’s character and the plot. Dev Patel as Gawain was great in the movie and Ralph Ineson gives a good performance as the Green Knight. Overall, ‘The Green Knight’ might not be for everyone, but it is a good movie and you should check it out if you’re fascinated with A24 movies. 


The last movie is Michael Chaves ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’. This movie isn’t as scary as the first two, but instead it’s a suspense thriller that’s like a detective movie. Patrick Willson, and Vera Farmiga return as Ed and Loraine Warren, and are just as great as always as these characters.  Some new characters are introduced like Ruairi O’Connor as Arne. The score is both calm and intense like the first two movies and the earlier mentioned ‘The Green Knight’. The visuals are quite unique, they take light colors for the more calm places, intense scores for the darker areas, especially towards the final act of the movie. What’s next for Ed and Loraine is unknown, but this is a good movie for the “Conjuring” universe  but may not be for everyone. Overall it’s a good movie, especially for this year’s summer.  


Overall, 2021 has had pretty good movies, and this year’s summer had really good releases, and the movies left for this year might be just as good.