New year, new clubs

A look inside the up-and-coming organizations

Emma F, Staff Reporter

Every year, each student, will hear the words, “join our club”. Selecting from the 40 plus clubs at Cy Woods is regarded as a critical task each year because it not only increases students’ involvement in the school, but it improves their chances to get into their college of choice.

Here at Cy Woods there is a wide variety of clubs to choose from, the most popular include, Key Club, FISH [Freshman in Senior Hands] club, and Student Council. This year, Cy woods, has numerous, uncommon, new clubs which consist of, HEAT club, Freedom club, and QSA.

HEAT [Human Environmental Animal Team] is for the future environmentalist who wants to greater their experience with environmental projects.

“In HEAT we raise awareness by doing fun and appealing projects through positive activism,” Junior and President of HEAT, Aidan Ferrer said.

Cy Woods HEAT club won an award, The Next Big Idea, during the summer for their service project idea.

“We won with our project idea, at the National Sum of the Parts conference. Our ‘Next Big Idea’ was to collect shoes from campuses around Texas which will be brought to Nike to be grinded up and created into playgrounds, tracks, and basketballs,” Ferrer said.

Another new club is Freedom club which is focused on ceasing human trafficking. Freedom club works together with Love 146, A21, As Our Own and Free the Captives, which are charities focused on ending human trafficking.

“We will be doing volunteer events and fundraisers to help Love 146 in hopes to end human trafficking,” junior and member of Freedom club, Amy Prescott said.

Freedom Club will be putting on events similar to the Love 146 concert held here at Cy Woods last year.

The focal points of QSA [Queer Straight Alliance] are pride and support whether a student is straight or gay. QSA embodies unity by creating a safe and unified environment for students to be themselves.

“QSA is a safe haven for those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight. We incorporate everyone because we are all trying to get through high school,” senior and co-president, Noor Lino said.

These new clubs exemplify the ‘power of the red’ whether it is through service projects or unifying every Wildcat.