King of the Woods

Insight on Cy Woods’ loudest and proudest Associate Principal


Photo by: Stacy Slaughter

Associate Principal Dirk Heath rallies the crowd with the use of a megaphone at varsity football game against Cy-Ridge on September 27

Students at Cy Woods know the name Mr. Dirk Heath, but do they really understand the man cheering at the football games, telling you the announcements, and bringing the best energy to school everyday? 

Mr. Heath was brought to Cy Woods around eight years ago after he got a call from principal Mr. Gary Kinninger and Mrs. Ellis about a job opening for the Associate Principal position. After that, he was offered the job and the rest is history. Mr. Heath was the Associate Principal at Cy Falls before he accepted the job at Cy Woods. Despite him being a wildcat at heart, his first love was Cy Falls.

“I loved Falls, I drank the Kool-Aid and I’m still a huge fan of Cy Falls,” Heath said. “I loved the leadership; it’s a great school.”

Once Mr. Heath joined the wildcat staff, his goal was to make connections with all the students, staff and community. It was not that easy to do that at first.

“I was truly scared to death that first year,” Heath said. “ I didn’t know the culture and I didn’t really know any of the adults or the students. It was the most challenging thing for me ever.”

Once Heath got acclimated to the culture of Cy Woods, nothing could stop him from reaching his main goal: to have good relationships with his fellow staff members, his community and of course the students.

“I absolutely love working with students at Cy Woods and I’m very passionate about it,” Heath said. “We want the best of the best here at Cy Woods, so we have great adults [and students] here in this building. It’s the whole package.”

Coming with the great parts about Cy Woods, comes to working with the difficult parts.

“There’s a lot of pressure. We’re all givers here and it takes a lot out of us. The hours are long, we have about 3300 students and it’s just an enormous responsibility,” Heath said.

Coming with his huge responsibilities as the associate principal at Cy Woods, Heath has some ways that  help him cope with any stress and bring a 110% effort to school everyday.

“I get up early to exercise, I just need that mentally,” Heath said. “I feel better when I do that and I have more energy. I want to bring that energy to school.”

The energy that he brings to school, pep rallies and football games is unlike any other. His background clearly shows why he has such immense school spirit.

“I’ve always had that enthusiasm part in me, actually. I was a cheerleader at Sam Houston State University,” Heath said.

His passion on the field is undeniable, and his it all comes from the students. They give him the energy to be loud and proud for his campus and he says it is something he will never forget.

“I just love it, it just brings out the best in me. It’s a tough career, but I would do nothing else,” Heath said.