Zeke is Ready to Eat

Ezikiel Elliot signs new contract making him the richest running back to play the game


Keith Allison

Ezekiel Elliot celebrating in the end-zone

Ezekiel Elliot is the starting running back for the wealthiest sports team in the world, the Dallas Cowboys. After getting a few contract offers, he declined all of them. Elliot has done some things that other players would never dare to do. While the Cowboys were training in Oxnard, California, Elliot was training in Mexico by himself. 

After A preseason game the Cowboys played against the Los Angeles Rams, owner of the Cowboys Jerry Jones, cracked a joke saying “Zeke who?”, after skipping practice the whole week. Elliot and his agent Rocky Arceneaux commented on Jones’s joke saying “ I didn’t think it was funny and neither did Zeke, we actually thought it was disrespectful.” After seeing Elliots and Arceneaux comment, Jones commented back saying he was just “cracking a joke at Zeke’s expenses”

After missing a mandatory minicamp and practices Elliot was fined $900,000 as he is expecting a contract extension. Elliot has made no comment about the fine except that he wants to get paid. 

Wednesday morning Elliot made a deal with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys franchise. Elliot signed a six-year, $90 million dollar extension. Becoming the highest paid running back to ever come into the NFL. Elliot is ready to eat all the opponents in his way. Elliot has had the most rushing yards in the NFL, two our of the three year he’s been in the league. Jerry Jones is now satisfied with the situation after saying this in an interview Wednesday morning. 

“I’m not trying to be unfair to anybody else. But he’s an incremental part to our success. We’re glad to get him booked in, we’re glad to have him on the team. And he plays a position that has some pretty interesting dynamics to it because running backs are short-lived, although we had what I consider to be one of the top five greatest ones in Emmitt Smith, and Emmitt ran the ball for 13 years. So you don’t have to have a four- or five-year career to be a running back. On the other hand, Zeke allows us to create such problems for the defense that then we can open it up to our passing, open it up for Dak Prescott.”

Elliot is projected to be one of the stars this year for his team and the rest of the NFL. We’ll see how Elliot does at the Cowboys play the New York Giants at 3:25 on September 8th.