Is Tiger Back For Good?

Tiger is back better than ever


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Tiger walking to next hole at PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods has earned his first major championship in 11 years. Was it just a one time thing? Or is Tiger back in the game?

People are hating on Woods and don’t really think he earned his way to win this years Masters. They say that he isn’t the “Tiger” that he used to be, and that it’s a one time thing for him. I think he has gone through a lot of obstacles to get where he is at right now. There is no reason for people to be hating on Woods, even though he hasn’t been in the game recently, there is still a lot that he has accomplished.

Tiger Woods is probably named to have one of the biggest setbacks in history, but he’s also up for having one of the biggest comebacks in history. Woods has been in many conversations about being the best golfer to ever play the sport. Those people in the last 10 years have now turned their back on Woods and have called him the biggest loser.

Since I was young I always enjoyed watching Woods play in different championships. Before Tiger went to go hide in the woods, I used to always search up footage of his best championship games. It hurts to hear when people talk bad about Tiger and say that he won by luck. I believe that Tiger is back and that he will shock everyone in the future.

In 1994 Woods went under surgery on his left knee to remove two tumors. About eight years later Woods went to get surgery on his left knee again to remove fluid inside and outside his ACL. In 2007 he ruptured his ACL while on the course. That was just the first of many injuries that Woods has came across. He’s gone through three different back surgeries in three years, a torn MCL, a torn Achilles, and a pinched nerve.

After all that, people still hate on him for winning the Masters. I truly believe after everything he’s gone through, that he is back and ready to start doing what he loves. After passing up 1,193 golfers in the World Golf Rankings in just a year it shows that he’s climbing for success and taking that number one spot. I hope to see Woods take on the course again and track him as he takes the number one spot once again.