The Crimson Connection

On the Road Again

Jeff Sullivan, Ethan Stokes, Emmanuelle Zeesman, Paul Schoeller, Seth Eardly, Brody Bett and Ruby Gibbs backstage of the Finding Neverland tour.

MackenseyD, Online Editor

October 30, 2019

The audience’s murmuring simmers down to silence as the orchestra begins the overture. The world disappears as the music swells and the lights brighten. Time stops. The heart races faster to keep up with the drums. A deep breath and the curtain opens in a new town. Homework and  football games no longer ...

Abroad in Australia


FiorellaP, Business Manager

March 18, 2019

When it comes to picking prospective colleges, many students feel overwhelmed when deciding where to attend. Senior Madisen Weaver, however, finds it hardly a challenge. Weaver plans to study abroad in Australia for college in January of 2020, fulfilling her lifelong dream. Since early on in her childhood,...

A Foreign World

Mori spending time with kids  in Peru.

SaraZ, Staff reporter

January 10, 2019

Most people travel to see the scenery and take the cute pictures, while others travel because they want to experience something new and some travel for love or food, but for senior Matthew Mori and junior Mckenna Lee had something different in mind. Both students traveled this summer to learn Spanish. A...

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