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The student news site of Cypress Woods High School

The Crimson Connection

The student news site of Cypress Woods High School

The Crimson Connection

An illustration depicts a person staring towards you, a reference to the social credit system.

The Social Credit System of China

Evan Hull, Business Manager October 13, 2021

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has rolled out a national blacklist that will cover almost all of the 1.4 billion people that currently live in China. Part of a series of sweeping “reforms” instituted...

Xander McWhorter and the water polo team at the CFISD Natatorium

Cy Woods student wins Oustanding USA Water Polo All-American Award

Esteban Garcia, Co Editor-in-Chief October 12, 2021

Water Polo is one of the only professional games that can be played in a pool. Water polo is one of the fastest growing sports across high schools. It ranks sixth for boys according to the National Federation...

How to pass your class

Eshal Warsi, Co-Editor-in-Chief October 12, 2021

With the end of the grading period just around the corner, Wildcats are feeling the pressure. While some may want to get straight A’s, others would love to pass the class. Whatever your goal, here are...

The boys bathroom with the water shut off to prevent students from going in.

Vandalism in the name of internet clout

Emily Gibbs, Staff Reporter October 12, 2021

The well-known social media app TikTok has taken the world by storm, and yet again it has proven that the teenagers of today are influenced by just about anything that will get them likes. The most recent...

Cody Simper

Cody Simper: The new face of the wildcats

Regan Grant, Web Editor October 11, 2021

For almost a decade, the Cy Woods Varsity Football team was run by Head Coach Trenton Faith. Suddenly, a surprising announcement changed everything and put the fate of Wildcat Football in jeopardy.   After...

These Things Happen Too, and they happened well

“These Things Happen Too”, and they happened well

Hunter Mancuso, Copy Editor October 8, 2021

G-Eazy put out his seventh studio album last week and Eazy's fans can rejoice. It sparks back memories of what Eazy used to be in his glory days before everything went downhill. Naming the album “These...

The top 3 movies of this summer

The top 3 movies of this summer

Connor Bickham, Staff Reporter October 6, 2021

This year's summer was quite eventful. With people finally going to the theaters, they got to see new movies and enjoy them. Here are  the best three movies that have come out this summer.    The...

Donda vs. Certified Lover Boy

Donda vs. Certified Lover Boy

Ryan Zach, Reporter September 28, 2021

Kanye West and Drake are two artists who need absolutely no introduction. Two of the most known names in the music industry at the moment, both have also been involved with the release of some of the most...

Iyer posing with her trophy

Ramya Iyer: 211+1

Eshal Warsi, Editor-in-chief September 27, 2021

Under what conditions does the square root of a2 + b2 = a + b where a and b are real numbers? Confused? That’s okay. This was just one of the questions from the 2021 American Mathematics Competition...

A blue light shines where the Twin Towers once stood.

9/11: 20 Years Later

Evan Hull, Business Manager September 27, 2021

On Sept. 11, 2001, the United States of America was shaken to its core. Four planes hijacked by the terrorist group al-Qaeda crashed into the symbols of the USA.  Two into both towers that made up the...

The Wildthings take a photo at the Cy Woods football game.

Meet the Wildthings

Esteban Garcia, Editor-in-chief September 27, 2021

  No one shows as much 212 spirit as the Wildthings. These 11 seniors show the most fight for Cy-Woods, and lead the student section day and night. The meaning that the Wildthings have to Cy-Woods...

McDonalds soft serve ice cream.

The malfunctioning machines at McDonalds need to be addressed

Regan Grant, Web Editor September 27, 2021

If you have ever been to McDonalds and gotten ice cream, you should consider yourself lucky. It has become a well known fact that at most McDonald's locations, the ice cream machine has some type of problem...

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