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Transformers Prequel, Bumblebee, excites


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The movie opens on the planet Cybertron as a war rages between the Autobots and the Decepticons. With evil forces continuing to grow, Bumblebee is sent to earth to scout out a place for the Autobots. There he is attacked by military forces and then ambushed by Decepticon Blitzwing. After this life-changing battle, Bumblebee is stranded, hiding in a junkyard as a 1967 Volkswagon beetle. Throughout the rest of the movie, the Decepticons keep coming back, determined to find Bumblebee in order to find Optimus prime and discover his plans as leader of the Autobot rebellion. When, on her eighteenth birthday, Charlie finds Bumblebee, they form an unbreaking bond. This bond serves for some problems later on.

Unlike other Transformers movies, the human/robot connection finally hit home, Hailey Steinfeld made it even better with her emotional and relatable performance, it tells us that maybe this franchise can be saved. Also, we finally learn the story behind Bumblebees inability to talk: a run-in with Blitzwing, a Decepticon. The fight was interesting, especially with the commentary from Agent Burns (Matt Damon) and Bumblebee himself (Dylan O’Brien). This movie to me was light-hearted and fun to watch, much more so than other Transformers movies. Plus the graphics have gotten even better over the years, the giant robots have a little bit more of a cartoony shape to them, yet they look more realistic than ever.

Overall, I would say this movie is one of those rare cases that live up to the hype. Although, I wouldn’t recommend seeing it if you haven’t watched the previous Transformers movies because you will miss out on the nostalgia at seeing old characters and will be mildly confused about why there is a movie about space-robots. However, if you have seen the other movies, I would definitely recommend seeing it. I’ve always loved prequels and I’m happy to say that this one is one of my favorites.