Texas Longhorns are back on top

How the Texas longhorns are back in the Top 10.


photo by: Herospots

Texas Longhorns logo

After losing to Maryland in the season opener, the Texas Longhorns are now number 6 in the nation. Once Texas made Sam Ehlinger their starting QB, they have been 6-0 since. Including an upset against rival Oklahoma. Texas is now is in the race to go to the playoffs, but in order to do that they need a couple things to happen. They are going to have to win out for the rest of season, which is going to be hard, because they have to go against West Virginia, and probably Oklahoma again in the BIG 12 championship. They also need Notre Dame, Georgia, LSU to lose. Lucky for Texas it is very likely that both Georgia, and LSU are going to lose, but for Notre Dame they have a pretty easy schedule for the rest of the year, so they are going to have to get lucky in order for Notre Dame to lose. With all the success that Texas is having this year, many people are wondering if Texas is back to being on of the top teams in the nation. Since this is their first year back in the Top 10 since 2009, when they lost to Alabama in the national championship. The main reasons why they have not been as good in recent years is because of bad coaching, and big recruits wanting to play for other teams, but now with the new coach, Tom Herman, and the multiples players that are stepping up to Texas. They look like they have capability to return back to the glory days, especially since top recruits are going to want to play for Texas again. Their biggest problem going forward is that in most of their games, it is a one or two point possession game, even with teams that are not that good, so in order to compete against top teams like Alabama, and Clemson they are going to have figure out how to score consistently, but if they can fix that the Longhorns will be back to their old selves in no time.