Potential Summer Job

Perfect jobs for high schoolers


LifeTime Fitness- The brand new opening of LifeTime Fitness on Fry Rd is filled with potential jobs for high schoolers. They are especially looking for lifeguards for the summer time. Lifeguard applicants are expected to have CPR qualifications and experience with lifeguarding or coaching.


ASI Gymnastics- ASI off Barker Cypress is a gymnastics facility that is always looking for employees for coaching or summer camps. Now is a great time to apply because they are especially looking for summer camp counselors. If you love working with kids, working at ASI would be a great fit.


Outlet Mall- Hundreds of stores filled with plenty of entry-level jobs that are perfect for high school students. Not to mention the mall is only 15 minutes away! The stores in the mall are always looking for employees, and employees can get a discount from the store they work at. Employees can learn the basics of customer service, inventory, and retail.


Kung Fu Tea- Kung Fu Tea would be a great job for a high school student: it is close to school, a great place to study or hang out, and it’s a great part time job for a student. They’re currently hiring for team member positions.