Tomodachi Life Review

Life simulation game is quirky yet addicting


Flickr user Bagogames

The Mii on the left is interrupting the Mii in the middle's confession. Who will the Mii on the right choose?

WARNING: Once you start playing this game, you won’t be able to stop.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, time to get to the real story. Tomodachi Life is a life-simulation game made by Nintendo and released in the West in 2014. In this game, you have your own island, and you can populate it with Mii versions of anyone you want, whether it be real people, fictional characters, or even an alien. A lot of crazy things can happen, some of which would make you say “What the what?” It can get a little weird at times, but that’s what makes it so charming.

This game is incredibly open-world, but when it comes to relationships, the Miis have a mind of their own. Part of the fun is in watching the drama of these relationships unfold. For example, the love triangles can be pretty entertaining, especially when the Mii that the other two Miis are competing for turns them both down. There are no limits as to who clicks with who. People who hate each other in real life can become best friends. A man and a woman who are 20 years apart can fall in love. The only limits are that they must both be over or under 18 and be opposite genders.

Now, I’ve already mentioned that some weird stuff happens in this game. That’s what makes it fun. Here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • Look into your Miis minds. Or bellies. Or dreams. (Look in as many dreams as you can. You get free stuff from it.)
  • Turn a Mii from a kid into a grown-up into a kid again with special sprays.
  • If you feed a Mii their All-Time Favorite food, they do a break dance. You don’t know which food it is until you feed it to them, though, so it comes as a major surprise.
  • Watch your Miis bathe

Some of the stuff in this game makes you say “What just happened?” but it keeps you on your toes. What crazy thing is going to happen next on your island?

And one more thing: this game has a rocking soundtrack. My personal favorite is the Splurge Ranking music because you can’t go wrong with Spanish guitar. I also like the Mii Editor music because it’s really chill and not as meme-like. Some songs hit you in the feels, and some songs make you want to bob your head, even though it’s the music that plays after a Mii gets in a fight and you have to calm them down.

In conclusion, Tomodachi Life is a quirky and charming game. It’s not really accurate in some places (for example, a kid can be born, grow up, and move into their own apartment in five days), but it’s still very entertaining. Just a warning: Tomodachi Life is a lifestyle. If you leave your Miis alone for more than a week, they begin badgering you about it. It is currently available on Amazon for the Nintendo 3DS.