Person Of The Week: Coach Trocquet

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Head girls soccer coach Amy Trocquet

Kyle Ransleben
Trocquet before a soccer game

For the girl’s soccer team, the 2017-18 season has been one for the books. Their current undefeated record reflects their hard work and 212 mindsets. Leading these athletes to success is Head Girls soccer coach and Algebra 2 teacher Amy Trocquet.

“This season has been a success so far – we are currently undefeated in district play with four games left, but we still feel like we have a lot we want to accomplish in the postseason,” Trocquet said. “Our goals also stretch beyond the barriers of the field, we always look to grow closer together as a team and grow our mental game.”

As playoffs approach, the expectation to maintain their undefeated record intensifies.

“The record that we currently have comes with a certain amount of pressure that builds with each win,” Trocquet said. “We try not to focus on our record, but more on how we are playing each game and if we are getting better, growing and learning.”

Soccer is a team sport that relies heavily on teamwork and cohesiveness, and the coaches must ensure that outside drama or conflict between the players does not affect their game.

“Getting 23 teenage girls to get along 100% of the time is nearly impossible, but I remind them that we are sisters and we need to work through our differences to build deeper relationships with each other because it will make us a stronger team on the field,” Trocquet said. “We have done numerous team building activities and share sessions that have brought us closer together this year.”

Similar to athletes, coaches are also expected to improve and adapt each game.

“As a coach, I am constantly striving to get better each game,” Trocquet said. “I have those expectations for my team so why not me? I reflect on what I could have done better after each game and I put in a time and work to prepare for each team that we face so that we all know what we are up against and the best way to be successful.”

Many coaches use mottos or a certain mindset when coaching, but Trocquet has a different coaching style.

“These team mottos and sayings are so trendy right now but I’m not really into coming up with a hashtag each year to motivate my girls,” Trocquet said. “It might work for other teams but it’s not my personal style. I just teach them that if you’re going to do something, then do it 100%, love to compete and love your teammates. I communicate that to them verbally and through my actions each day whether it’s in practice, a film session or on the field. I’m really proud of what we have been able to accomplish already this year and I know that we can keep it going if we just believe.”

“Our ultimate goal is to win state because that is the pinnacle, and striving for anything less would be counting yourself out. I believe we can achieve anything we want when we play our best and work together.”

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