The Grand Budapest Hotel


You’re bored, and you want to watch a movie, but you don’t quite know what genre or what movie you want to watch. Comedy? But not too cliche. Action? But not too… much. Romance? But not too sappy. Mystery? But not too confusing. That’s what I was feeling when I decided to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel. In those circumstances (and in any others), The Grand Budapest Hotel was a wonderful decision.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a refreshing movie. In a time where remakes are dominant and “original” stories are unoriginal, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a charming and witty movie that blends comedy, action, romance and mystery together in an inventive and artistic way. The plot is engaging and fairly fast-paced. The characters are wacky and unconventional. The cinematography is fantastic, with every scene highlighting symmetry, camera angles and color.

What makes The Grand Budapest Hotel so unique and refreshing to watch is that it feels like a Dr. Suess book come-to-life (except rated R). The story seems to take place in a far different world, yet the characters feel real and alive. The Grand Budapest Hotel sets up a place that doesn’t have borders or limits, it just is and it doesn’t matter where it is or when it exists, it’s just there. I have never encountered a movie that has taken me into a different world in such a way. Even the movie can’t decide whether or not it wants to be a film student’s college project or a high-budget Hollywood production, but it somehow works anyway and gives it a light charisma.

It’s pretty obvious that I like this movie, but it truly is up to you whether or not you like it. I consider The Grand Budapest Hotel to be an exceptional movie that was enjoyable to watch from start to finish.