Travis Scott’s Eventful 2017

Why people should be talking about Travis Scott



Travis Scott performing in Toronto on the Rodeo tour

Native Houstonian rapper Travis Scott has been on the move lately, an expenditure with a purpose that is perfect timing for Travis’ fans. Travis released his sophomore album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, in 2016, since then he has announced future tours, albums and other projects for fans to anticipate.

In January of 2017, Travis announced that he would be releasing a third album in 2017, Astroworld, and also mentioned in a tweet that he wants to focus on producing in the upcoming year. After working with Mike Dean on six songs in Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, the two are collaborating again for Astroworld. Travis has built up all the anticipation by teasing what he has been working on on Snapchat, in interviews and on Twitter.

But it seems to me that these jam packed events in prospect for Travis really aren’t unusual, 2016 saw a similar fast paced expenditure from the young rapper. After being featured on Kid Cudi’s Pain, Passion and Demon Slayin,’ to releasing his highly successful sophomore album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, Travis somehow always seems to be one step ahead of trends, releasing and upcoming events.

It feels like as soon as I’ve started getting impatient for some new music, he turns around and drops something.This is basically what happened on Monday, I had finally felt the Astroworld anticipation kick me in full swing, and bam, Travis dropped three new songs unexpectedly on SoundCloud. The songs “A Man,” “Butterfly Effect” and “Green & Purple” (featuring Playboi Carti) were all released Monday night. The release was really unexpected considering Travis had just been arrested that weekend for ‘inciting a riot’ at his concert in Arkansas, but obviously he was shortly released. As far as Astroworld is concerned, no one really knows whether these recent releases will be on the album or when the album will even be dropped as Travis is full of surprises.
To add to Travis’ chaotic schedule, he just finished his Birds Eye View tour and announced in April that he would be joining Kendrick Lamar and D. R. A. M. on tour this summer. Travis’ work ethic over the past few years has definitely paid off considering the success of both of his albums, not just anyone can date a Kardashian.