My current Obsession



I am personally dependent on music. I can’t sing or play an instrument, but I’m almost always listening to music on Spotify, the radio, YouTube, anything. I always have someone new in my library and my obsession for the past 6 months has been an artist that goes by the name Blackbear.

I would classify Blackbear as an “almost rapper” and that isn’t an insult in the slightest. He is very talented at what he does but he isn’t like the basic rapper. He incorporates different types of sounds in his songs and singing as well. He doesn’t do anything generic and I think that’s why he caught my attention as well as so many others.

He has just recently released his new album “Digital Druglord” and I am obsessed with the new songs, especially “i miss the old u”. All of is songs have a unique beat that I fall in love with and always get stuck in my head. His songs can range from funny, sad, to dance able and upbeat. I like that he has a different song for every mood so I can listen to him no matter how I’m feeling.

I definitely recommend Blackbear’s music to anyone who has yet to listen to him or maybe hasn’t even heard of him until now. I can’t promise you’ll like it but the possibility that you will is very very high, well at least according to me.